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Being the owner of my own growing business, a beauty regimen is one of the LAST things on my mile-long list.

The environmental effects of southern California weather together with my nonstop job have taken their toll on my once porcelain skin. Actually, I haven’t ever had a proper skin regimen, which is astonishing considering that I modeled for over 20 years. Somewhere inside my mind I think I didn’t really believe that a cream or other product could help my skin or really make a significant difference.

Exposed Skincare

Well, surprise, surprise!

I first tried the Exposed Skincare Facial Cleanser. I noticed that the bottle has a little rubber stop in the top, so I can reuse it when I travel. Gold Star! I poured the clear gel-like substance onto my fingertips and worked it into my cheeks. It foamed up and spread nicely. There wasn’t any ‘perfumey’ smell, but instead a soft, very pleasant and fresh fragrance. I am so hard on my skin, and the gentle cloth was a welcome respite. My face thanked me immediately.

I think Tea Tree oil is a substance with amazing properties, but the smell can be quite overpowering. I used the Exposed Skincare Body Wash in the shower and was very pleased to notice that the Tea Tree oil smell was quite tempered, and the wash left my skin feeling clean and lightly exfoliated.

I tried the Exposed Skincare Microderm Scrub the following day and it was thick and creamy with a light aroma. And the Clearing Tonic the same.

Now for the results:

My skin became soft immediately! Not in a month – in one day! I have very dry skin and not one of the products were drying – my skin has felt soft and supple since I started using Exposed Skincare. And as a further bonus, the rough patches that have been plaguing my cheeks have or are disappearing! I haven’t found anything that has been able to even soften the rough patches. I am astonished and very pleased.

I am continuing my regimen with Exposed Skincare products and look forward to even more positive results in the future.


Lesley Pedraza, Photographer


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