Nicole Frank Wardrobe Evolution – Mix, Match, Wash, and Go

I like owning multiple stylish outfits to match any mood and occasion… who wouldn’t want a closet brimming with fabulous fashionista options? But for many of us, due to limited budget, closet space, or living out of a suitcase, such a grandiose wardrobe is not an option.

Add to that the cost and time commitment of the many items that must be carted off to the dry cleaner because they are not washable.  And that most clothing pieces only have a limited set of companions – they don’t go with everything else unless they are REALLY boring (like my black pants, which still don’t go with everything simply because they are boring).

So in order to look fashionable and trendy, I end up with a different set of clothes for EVERYTHING.

Enter Nicole Frank and her wardrobe evolution. (Here she comes to save the day!!!)

My favorite- the Nicole Frank ‘Alexis’ high rise stretchy pants with contrasting stripe and removable pockets
Check out these cool pockets- and they zip on and off to create different looks!

Nicole Frank has created a mix-and-match, super modern, hip clothing line that checks all the boxes.

Want comfortable and well fitted? Check. The entire Nicole Frank line is made from a high-tech STRETCHY fabric. It is comfortable without looking like athleisure wear (#lululemon).

Want a myriad of looks?  Check. The Nicole Frank clothing line has interchangeable sleeves, collars, and pockets. They zip on an off, allowing you to mix and match sleeves, collars, and pockets onto different shirts, jackets, and pants for a fully interchangeable look. Bring 2 outfits and have 6- packing is a breeze.  (#brilliant)

Want to skip the dry cleaner?  Check.  The Nicole Frank clothing line is made from a high tech fabric that repels water and stains and (gasp) they are all machine washable!

My friend Catherine Grace O’Connell discovered this fantastic brand. She called me excited about mix and match, machine washable clothing, and she could hardly contain herself.

I jumped right in and ordered my own Nicole Frank outfit.  I went out on a limb and chose WHITE (normally really hard to keep clean) so I could really give these clothes a test.

My selections: the Nicole Jacket in white, including zip-off sleeves and collar, along with the slimming, stretchy, striped Alexis Pant.   The pants have a silver pocket on the front that zips on and off- I like to put my cell phone in it (on airplane mode).  As a mix and match piece, I also selected the black Taylor Top with a fun poofy sleeve- the Black and White Grand Floral Poof.

These are my favorite pants now – the racer stripe down the side is all the rage in Paris.

Each Nicole Frank wardrobe piece is:

  • Interchangeable
  • 4-way stretch #comfy
  • Machine washable (thank goodness)
  • Quick dry
  • Breathable
  • Odor control
  • Stain repellant
  • Moisture-wicking

Could a stylish jet-setter on a budget ask for anything else???

Here I unzipped the pocket from my pants and switched to the black Taylor top with Grand Poof sleeves. Catherine is wearing her pink Nicole jacket and black Alexis pants.
This top is rad, no? Day to night chic with my grand poofy sleeves….
My boyfriend says my butt looks good in these pants- he loves them- do you agree? 🙂

These Nicole Frank white pants have become my absolute favorite pants. I have been wearing them everywhere, I just don’t want to take them off!  They are long (great news for tall ladies), stretchy like leggings, and look super cool. The racer stripe down the side of the pants is all the rage in Paris right now.

Catherine and I will be showcasing our Nicole Frank outfits at the FierceCon conference in October, and Nicole Frank will have a pop-up booth for everyone to check out the different options. I highly recommend giving them a try, you will love them!

I added Catherine’s jacket with bell sleeves to my outfit- now I had a totally new one- fully mix and match!

@nicolefrank – I look forward to meeting you in person at the FierceCon conference.

Thank you Catherine GraceO for the introduction.

Onwards and upwards!

Sincerely, Jacqueline


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  1. says: Serena West

    These pieces are so cool! I love the latest jumpsuit that you purchased – very cute! I can’t believe they are washable, that just makes them so smart.

    1. says: YBR Press

      Yes, absolutely. every time I throw that white jumpsuit in the washing machine I am so grateful 🙂 Can I spilled coffee on it and it just beaded up and fell off the fabric. Its awesome.

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