Travel Without Tangling Your Necklaces

If you like to travel with chain style necklaces, but can't because they wrap up and tangle together into knots, here is a quick fix...

Here is a quick tip for traveling with necklaces:

If you like to travel with your necklaces but they get wadded up together in knots, here is a quick fix:  The No Knot Necklace Carrier.

From the package: “The No Knot Necklace Carrier allows you to travel and store your necklaces with confidence while providing pockets for your other jewelry, accessories, valuables, and more…”

And yes, it works.

Here it is the carrier zipped closed. It is compact and easily fits into my suitcase:

To test it, I threaded three necklaces through the center tube, hooking them at different openings depending on length:

  1. a long chain that always wraps around other jewelry when I travel- this one is much longer than the tube- I wanted to see if the excess chain hanging out would cause a problem
  2. a short, thin, cloth necklace with a beautiful Venetian glass heart that I purchased in Italy- this necklace is irreplaceable so I am very careful with it
  3. a pendant style necklace with a large ornament piece, checking to see if this one would tangle with #1

I also added some earrings and a bracelet in the extra pockets.

I zipped up the case… all the necklaces, earrings, and bracelet were held still, safe, and tangle free!  There is even padding on the outside of the carrier to protect the jewelry from banging and hold it all snug like a bug in a rug. 😉

Bingo! It works. Problem solved.

Onwards and upwards…


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