Interview with The Forever Fierce Show: Jacqueline Walks in Paris Fashion Week

The Forever Fierce Show on LA Talk Radio

What would it feel like to walk in Paris Fashion Week at the age of 48?

Don’t miss today’s show with my Cohost, Jacqueline DePaul, Founder of Yellow Brick Runway. In typical Jacqueline style, this interview is raw, real and vulnerable as she opens her heart to share those “old stories” of Self sabotage that tend to be universal with most women.

If you’re looking for Fierce inspiration and a powerful role model who is not only drop dead gorgeous, but vulnerable and beautiful inside and out, today’s show will empower women to understand they’re not alone. In our current culture, Self Esteem and Self Confidence can seem elusive. With some inner work, Self Awareness and a change of our belief system, we can defy and disrupt the perceptions around aging along with Jacqueline and the Forever Fierce Community.

Jacqueline will undoubtedly inspire you to join the women of Forever Fierce Revolution to lift and encourage you through your own Fierce Reinvention.

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