From Clothes to Carpets: Thom Browne’s Stylish Take on Interior Design

The last time you heard about Thom Browne was probably last month, when he had his Palm Beach ladies walk a runway in a room that the NY Times described as a “trompe l’oiel pool”, decorated in ceramic tiles to set up the theme for his spring/summer 2017 collection.

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As a fashion designer, most people would expect his projects to be clothing related, but recent headlines are revealing a new and interesting collaboration that could launch Browne into the world of interior design.

Primarily known for his smart tailoring, the editors from Lyst refer to the Thom Browne label in their collection of his works as, “The men’s and womenswear brand that imbues traditional designs with a subversive edge.” His use of classic motifs has not only captured the attention of the fashion-conscious, but his aesthetic has also been admired by architectural experts, namely the British carpet retailer, The Rug Company. His expertise is evident through his construction of clothes and accessories, but how well does that translate to his rug collection?

The answer? Very well.

Browne created three rugs for The Rug Company. The first two, which are available in light gray and cream, takes on a classic cable-knit design using wool with three different carved-out rope-like patterns that are understated yet sophisticated in terms of the seemingly simple details. The third uses a combination of silk and wool, with a red, white and blue striped border iconic to the brand’s design, as seen on the label’s cuffs, hems, and shoes.

This obviously isn’t the first time that fashion has crossed paths with interior design, as fast fashion companies like H&M and Zara have branched out to offer home accessories to their loyal shoppers, but what is particularly fascinating with this partnership is witnessing the craftsmanship of Browne which extends beyond apparel. His weaving skills and attention to detail has brought innovation in interior design, revealing his versatility as a creative.

In addition to those handmade rugs, he also decorated the Uptown Showroom in New York, where he debuted his collection. He shares with Architectural Digest that he essentially recreated his own living room, an accurate depiction as the American designer’s dog also made an appearance at the preview.

All in all, the PR Net reported 165 people in attendance, which included a mix of experts in both fashion and interior design, as well as media professionals, such as former GQ editor and current Esquire executive director of editorial Michael Hainey.
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