High Fashion in Music Videos – A Look at a Growing Trend

The video industry is in constant development and the reason behind it is quite simple – we simply can’t wait to see attractive performers singing our favorite songs. Obviously, music artists are dictating fashion, or at least a part of the most popular trends. Let’s see the currents that inspired them to give the whole world new outfit ideas.

The video industry is in constant development and the reason behind it is quite simple – we simply can’t wait to see attractive performers singing our favorite songs. They are beautiful, controversial, wild, and very fashionable.

Well, we saw how Era Istrefi’s jacket, with a large hoody and lavish pink linen, used in her video “Bonbon”, quickly became a trend world wide – I’m sure you can spot more than a handful of people while walking down your city’s streets wearing it.

Some of them even have their fashion houses – I’m sure you know about Madonna’s Bershka. If not, I’m sure you followed through what Kanye’s doing; his fashion show was all over the internet and his controversy was a subject of many different portals.


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Adele is totally into this – if you don’t trust me, check out her video for “Hello”. This classy lady really knows how to dress up; Adele loves wearing clean cuts and we see she’s crazy about layers. Everything she puts on looks very sophisticated and evens her makeup and hairstyles are elegant. It’s very amazing how she manages to be a role model by being this subtle – but she does it anyway.


On the other hand, if you’re feeling daring and adventurous, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with FKA Twigs because this girl has no limits. Each outfit for each scene in her video called “Glass & Parton” is edgy to say the least. Contrary to Adele, this performer is extreme and avantguard, so if you want to bring something new to your fashion signature, my suggestion is to keep yourself updated with everything she does.

The First Half of the 20th

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If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift (and I’d be surprised if it were otherwise) you must have seen her video “Wildest Dreams” where she’s quite a diva. Obviously inspired by the first half of the twentieth century, she turns into a fabulous movie star. Although she did invest into quality video editing services, her natural gorgeousness is still in the forefront. This fashion era produced garments very flattering to the female body, which she obviously demonstrates in this video.

The Question of Gender

The current problem of the newest generation is the question of gender – suddenly, you’re not supposed to assume anyone’s sex. Anyhow, I believe that fashion should be personal and that a person can dress however they like, which is exactly what we can all see in videos right now; boys are going for a more feminine appearance while girls like to dress up boyish. You never know until you try.

Hip Hop Fashion

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The queen B, and her bestie Nicki Minaj, made us fall in love with their friendship (and in both of them) in their “Feeling Myself”. These two fashion icons are nothing new to the world of hip hop fashion but that doesn’t make them any less important – right on the contrary.

Kanye made his statement with his fashion show, but so did Justin Bieber in his video for “Sorry”. We can see a lot of two piece outfits that are still a huge trend, as well as a lot of bold colors.

It’s really amazing how celebrities (and the teams of people work with them, obviously) invest so much time and effort to come up with fresh looks and win over the world with how they managed to pull off a combination of garments that don’t seem to fit at all at first sight.

If you’re in need of a change of some sort, the only piece of advice I can give you is not to be afraid to step out of the boundaries of your comfort zone and begin with your experiments. Some people are burdened with the social conventions and peer pressure when it comes to clothes, and if that’s the case with you, you should definitely go shopping alone, starting now – the feeling is quite freeing, you’ll see.

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