How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Theme

You’ve made some big decisions already. After all, you’ve chosen the perfect guy! But that decision pales in importance to the really big questions, like, “what’s the theme for my wedding going to be?” With so many wedding venues, and so many options, it can be hard to figure out what theme really reflects your desires and your inner you. You want to make sure that you choose the perfect wedding theme, a theme that your photographer and video editing team can capture for your memories.

Your wedding theme should tie together many different concepts and personal strands to create coherent message that will resonant with your guests, as well as with you and your significant other. Your wedding theme is an excellent starting point for all of the many details you’ll need to arrange, from flowers, to the menu, to photography, video editing, and more.

Here are some helpful thoughts on how you can choose wisely when it comes to your wedding theme.

Location, location – start with the venue

Where you decide to have your ceremony and reception has a big impact on the look of the wedding and the kind of themes that will work well. Think about your first instincts as to what you want your wedding to look like and start thinking about the venue based on that. If you’re thinking of a very formal affair, a quaint barn in a field might not be right. Conversely, if you’re outdoorsy, a formal drawing room in a vintage mansion probably isn’t your thing. The right choice of venue will have a big impact on the overall mood of the event, as well as how it’s recorded and preserved through video editing.

To thine own self be true

It’s not unusual to get a lot of advice – not all of it solicited – from family and friends about wedding themes. And it can be tempting to go with the latest trends when you’re picking a wedding theme (more on that later). But here’s the real crux of the matter – your wedding theme should be a real reflection of who you are and what you want. If you find yourself doubting the direction your wedding planning is going, take a deep breath and don’t be afraid to put your foot down. You want to be able to look back at your wedding’s video editing and be happy with the choices you made.

Social media is your friend

However unique you are, though, remember that you’re not reinventing the wheel when developing your wedding theme.

There are plenty of great examples of successful wedding themes recorded for posterity by wedding video editing to be found on the internet. Browse sites like Vimeo and YouTube for videos that show different themes, and sites like Pinterest for specific ideas on the many details you’ll need to hammer out.

Skip “trendy” – think “timeless”

Social media can be a blessing and a curse. For every good idea and inspiration for your wedding and other adjuncts, like photography and video editing, you’ll risk being seduced by the siren call of trendy wedding gimmicks. Think long and hard before you plan on having the entire wedding party dance down the aisle to the latest pop hit. In 10 years or so, you may watch your wedding video and wonder why you ever thought that was a good idea. Concentrate on the timeless elements that will make your wedding theme special, and not a flash in the pan social media trend.

Remember, it IS all about you!

In the end your wedding theme will be perfect when it reflects you and your beloved’s sense of who you are and what you share in common. While styles change, an approach that always remembers this will be truly perfect and timeless.


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