‘Surprise and Delight’ Gift Giveaways at Ontario Mills Mall

What are “Surprise and Delight” Giveaways?

Well, if you are a lucky shopper at Ontario Mills Mall, it means you get a surprise gift of a designer handbag!

It was my birthday today (I turned 48).  To celebrate, I joined Ontario Mills Mall as a Blogger Ambassador for their annual bag sale.

I carted off a giant tote bag full of Coach, Fossil, and Kate Spade goodies to give away to unsuspecting shoppers…

Needless to say the winning shoppers were ecstatic 🙂

I even found a few stylish men who liked bags- this one was my favorite- so I gifted him a camouflage Chanel backpack for his collection.

They say giving is more fun that receiving, and I really did have a great time at this event.  Thank you Ontario Mills Mall for the fun birthday morning!

Sincerely, Jacqueline

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