A fix for thinning eyebrows…

eyebrowMy eyebrows were thinning.

The outer half of them had mostly disappeared, and the inner half  had thinned out.

Apparently this is common with age; my dermatologist said it had something to do with hormones, especially low thyroid, which I had.

My dermatologist corrected the low thyroid, causing the outer half of my eyebrows to return, although sparsely.  I really wanted them thick again.

And now they are, thanks to the advice of Natalie Kristine, my eyebrow shaping specialist.

The solution?


Yes, Rogaine.

Rogaine is an over the counter liquid applied to the scalp used to treat male pattern baldness.  It makes hair grow back, similar to Latisse for eyelashes (which by the way does work, thank you Brooke Shields).  Natalie’s suggestion did have some logic in it- hair is hair- and if Rogaine could make hair grow back on the head, why not the eyebrows?

I normally try to stick to natural products, but in the case of my patchy eyebrows I was willing to give it a whirl.

Natalie recommended that I apply the Rogaine on my eyebrows once or twice per day. I started putting a little Rogaine on my finger and wiping it across my eyebrows morning and night.

And, almost unbelievably, three months later my eyebrows had filled back in- no more holes, and plenty of hair across the entire eyebrow!  Maybe not as full as when I was 20, but close enough to make me very happy.

My eyebrows were back.  Thank you Natalie for the great advice!  I bet there are some other ladies out there who will also be very appreciative. 😉

And then, there is the matter of how I filled them in while I was waiting for them to grow…

During those three months I still had to do something to make my eyebrows looks less sparse.  My face just looked out of balance without proper eyebrows.

Applying regular eyebrow pencil to my sparse brows looked fake, and gooey.  Since there were patches of skin that had no hair at all, especially the outer halves, it just looked like a crayon drawing.

Powder looked better, but it really only stuck to the sections of my brows that had hair.  So I had darker hair sections but the hairless parts still looked, well, hairless.

I tried many products and nothing looked right…

Then I found the Brow Definer by Laura Mercier.

The Laura Mercier Brow Definer is a little pot of eyebrow magic.  The woman behind the counter stated, “That is for people who don’t have much eyebrow hair.”


The product description reads: “An innovative wax/gel formula that coats each brow hair as it’s swept through the brows providing renewed colour to eliminate dullness.”

Also perfect as my brows are pretty colorless- they needed a little oomph.

On my first try the Brow Definer wax filled in my eyebrows perfectly, darkening and filling in the areas where there was hair, and sitting naturally on my skin where there was no hair, making the entire eyebrow match.  It is natural looking, yet clean and polished. If I want a deeper effect I put powder on top of the wax. The wax holds the powder in place, giving my eyebrows a really striking effect.

Now that I have thicker eyebrows again, I am still using Laura’s Brow Definer, along with her double-ended eye brow brush, a really nifty brush that has the regular size angled brush on one side, and a super tiny mini angled brush on the other side to get definition in the inner and outer corners of the brow.

This was the first Laura Mercier product I ever purchased and it is a really great product, I highly recommend it.  I was so pleased with its performance that I’ve purchased several more items and created a little Laura Mercier collection in my bathroom.  If I fall in love with any of them I will let you know, so far I have a couple of favorites…

Sincerely, Jacqueline

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